25 Awesome and Unique features about Tesla that are interesting to know about. Tesla is emerging automobile manufacturer and inspired the whole world with its unique design, features and dynamics. Did you know that Tesla sold over 134,400 cars from 2017 to 2018? Making it one of the fastest-growing car engineering company in the world. The name Tesla itself is enough to brand your vehicle. Tesla is not only widely known for its electricity and solar energy powered cars, but it has many other features that will leave you stunned. Let’s get started and see all those unique features and facts that makes Tesla unique and so accessible in the market:

1.    If You Think Elon Musk Is The Founder Of Tesla, Think Again.

Elon Musk has undoubtedly become the face of Tesla Motor these days. Being the CEO of the company, one might assume that Elon might be the founder of Tesla. However, this is just not true; Tesla Motors was initially a startup founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in 2003.

They intended to reduce dependency on oil by moving towards electric-powered vehicles. One might think that then where does Elon Musk come in? At the time, the company needed a massive amount of funds to test launch the vehicle. During this time, Elon stepped up his efforts to fund the company by personally investing $7.5 million. He then chaired the board of directors as well. Since then, he has been the public face of Tesla Motors.

2.    The Name Tesla Is A Genius.

If you read the stories of big businesses like McDonald’s, it becomes pretty clear that these entrepreneurs and businessmen take names seriously. For instance, to Ray Kroc, American fast-food tycoon, the name McDonald’s meant everything. So much, that he had to pay a considerable sum of money to the McDonald brothers to own the brand name.

Same goes for Tesla. After lengthy discussions about the name, Tesla’s co-founder Eberhard chose the name for the company. The name was selected to honour Nikon Tesla, the Serbian genius who had invented alternating current motor which they intended to use in their new electric vehicles.

3.    Tesla’s secret to success: Batteries

Many might think that Tesla’s success lies in its sale of electric vehicles in hundreds of thousands. Surprisingly, it does not. Instead, it’s the long-lasting batteries. Although Tesla has remained under sharp criticism due to its growth strategy, the time has proved analysts wrong. Tesla remains at the forefront of electric vehicle race, and the reason is simple: batteries.

Gigafactory is set to become the world’s largest battery factory. Companies are already striving to get ahead of each other in this emerging technology. For instance, Tesla has partnered with Panasonic to gain a massive advantage over other competitors in this ever-expanding industry. Electric batteries are way better than fossil fuels as we do not have to pollute our environment to generate power. Tesla’s batteries are made of Lithium-ion technology which, although scarce, are pretty suitable for electric cars. Efforts are being made to improve the recycling process, which will make it even more efficient and desirable technology.

In a nutshell, one can comfortably conclude that Tesla is not a car-manufacturing company, but a battery manufacturing company. With the trend shifting towards electric vehicles, it can easily be foreseen that the battery industry is set to see a boon soon enough.

4.    Tesla has closed all of its local showrooms

Closing showrooms, no doubt, was a surprising and bold move by Tesla. Nonetheless, it has worked well for the company. After moving all of its sales online, Tesla has managed to increase its sales manifold. 2018 was a blockbuster year for the Tesla and 2019 has been an enormous success as well. Once again, Tesla has proved its critics wrong by posting such a vast number of sales. So much that even worst critics of Tesla, like Bob Lutz, who earlier predicted devastation of the company, have been forced to rethink about the company’s prospects and business strategy.

5.    Tesla’s Software Business

It is common knowledge that Tesla is a pioneer in self-driving cars business. However, every Tesla car is not equipped with a full self-driving system. Instead, the company rolls out this feature in the form of an optional software add-on which you can opt for before delivery of the vehicle. Currently, the FSD software is price at $6000. This year alone, Tesla is believed to be selling 1.5 Billion $ worth of that software. This gives Tesla a significant advantage over its competitors in the industry.

6.    The Key to Drive Tesla.

Now Tesla has made its mark and is one of the most advanced electric cars. Its doors are no less than an inclusive innovation itself. Its doors are the industry’s most famous doors known as the falcon doors. They are known as falcon due to its ability and functioning of opening as a bird. There is no need for any buttons to open the door, you can simply open the door by touching the handle that has a built-in sensor. Awesome right? It does not end here. The falcon wings can pull off a great show by its moving doors, giving the feel of a real-life bird, quite literally.

7.    Battery Life

CEO, Elon Musk, states that Tesla’s drive unit can last up to 1 million miles while the battery can last up to 500,000 miles, and he says substitutes will be made available for the battery module. Not just this, Tesla also provides a warranty for up to eight years on average. Moreover, depending on the model, the warranty can also be based upon the number of miles travelled.

8.    The Dashboard Features Are a Lifesaver

Tesla has added a dash-cam to the Tesla dashboard via the 9.0 software update. Version 9.0 carries with it some significant improvements in how apps are started, sized, and shut. Also, it is new how it opens apps. It can be made prominent by swiping upwards, allowing them to grow over the top of the last app you’ve been watching. Or swipe down to close an app–which feels a lot more real and can be achieved without taking your eyes off the street. The dashboard is the heart of the car. You can open and shut the doors, make calls, and there is also a built-in GPS in Tesla. The dash is undoubtedly one of the coldest parts of the car.

9.    Tesla Wins the Wind-Tunnel Wars

Aerodynamics is a crucial element of the effectiveness of automobiles. The more air you have to push out of reaching or maintaining an absolute velocity, the more energy you use. And the more energy you use, the less your trip will be useful. Tesla is designed not to let those aerodynamics affect your journey. Its streamlined body does this.

10.     No Actual Guard Needed

Tesla is operated by your phone, anywhere and everywhere. You must have a Bluetooth connection to your tesla dashboard, which will allow you to manage your car through your phone. You can also download the newest software’s an update just by the comfort of your home. You can download these updates from your dashboard and your phone.

Isn’t it a hassle to sometimes park your car in the most congested area? In that case, you need a tesla. You can auto park your car just by one touch. Not only this, in the times when you don’t want to walk to your vehicle, you can call your vehicle to you.

By now, we know how awesome your Tesla is. But aren’t their chances of your car getting stolen? No worries. The tesla model X cannot be opened without your phone or keycard; however, in tesla model 3, you can access your car only through a keycard.

Safety has been highly considered in these electric cars. These are some excellent features that make Tesla stand out.

11.  Interior

All cars have Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive, adaptive air suspension, premium interior, and sound. Tesla All-Wheel Drive has two independent motors that digitally control torque to the front and rear wheels—for far better handling and traction control. Your car can drive on either engine, so you never need to worry about getting stuck on the road. Check out some pictures of Tesla Cars Here

12. Tesla’s Seat Heaven – The Cloud-Like Seat

If you’ve ever ridden a Tesla car having the white vegan leather seats of the Tesla, we are sure you would have been impressed. They’re so cushy beyond the smooth surface it feels like you’re just sitting on the marshmallow man. And they’re going to toast your buns faster on a cold day than a looney roadrunner can climb a mountain. Seats are half of a car riding experience.

13.  Tesla vs. Fuel-Powered

“Quick” implies to the amount of time it takes to reach a place, whereas “fast” means the car’s maximum speed. For instance, in drag racing, the “faster” car hits the higher velocity during the race, but the quicker car gets first to the finish line.

Electric cars can be speedier than gas-powered vehicles, but Electric cars can’t go faster as yet. Tesla can go from zero to 60 quickly. The efficiency benefit of gasoline vehicles is that these top speeds are maintained for more extended periods.

In a gas-powered car, the engine has to route the power first to the transmission and then to the wheels (the components collectively known as the “drivetrain” or “powertrain”). This procedure takes longer, wasting significant zero to 60 potential. Some of the power created by the engine usually about 15 per cent is also lost travelling through the drivetrain, known as drivetrain loss. So conclusively, Tesla is faster while fuel-powered cars are quicker.

14.  The Torque

An electric car produces the same quantity of torque irrespective of how quickly it travels. While gas vehicles have what is known as a torque curve, a place in the energy spectrum of the engine where maximum torque is generated. Just as a gas car cannot use every bit of the horsepower it is rated for, an EV can’t use all of its torque for most of the time either.

15.  Say No More To Carbon Emission!

Did you know that a standard passenger vehicle produces around 4-6 tons of carbon dioxide annually?

Electric plug-in vehicles like Tesla can assist in maintaining your city and world clean. Electric cars generally generate lower emissions than standard cars that add to climate change and smog. Like direct emissions, there are a range of damaging pollutants and GHGs in the life cycle. By now, Tesla has saved 3,535,050.69 tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted.

16.  Robots Everywhere!

Tesla has clearly said that robots are going to be really important to the future of the company, notwithstanding the automation issues caused by the Model 3 manufacturing. CEO Elon Musk said in April that human beings were undervalued and that he resented making the Model 3 using so many robots. But the company made it clear in Tesla’s letter of earnings for the first quarter that it is still relying heavily on automation.

17.  The PRICE!

It’s still cheaper to use electricity than gas, as per Tesla’s homepage, but there’s a significant downside. The gas price is thought to be $2.85 per gallon, while the electric power cost is estimated to be $0.31/kWh.

The cheapest Tesla car, which is Rear-Wheel Drive Standard Range costs $35,000 with 220 miles as the range of distance it can cover. While the most expensive tesla car, which is a standard range of Model S costs $96,700 (along with $1,200). If you unlock to dual engines in the Long Range and return $100,700 with the most expensive Model S. In the meantime, the performance model costs $130,200 with a $15,000 ludicrous mode and each option.

18.  No Wires Attached

If you still think that Tesla is not the coolest car, you need to buckle up and see one of its most impressive features.

Tesla vehicles receive additional software updates adding fresh characteristics and enhancing current features over Wi-Fi and without any manual upgrading.

You will get a notification on your middle touchpad display when applications become accessible, with the choice of installing the software instantly or scheduling later. All you need to do is to connect your vehicle to Wi-Fi to guarantee the most comfortable and most accurate service of software updates.

 You can choose from’ STANDARD’ or’ ADVANCED.’ To obtain updates, pick’ ADVANCED’ as quickly when they become accessible for your vehicle and area setup.

19.        Comfort Comes First

Tesla never disappoints. Did you know that Consumer Reports have named the most satisfactory vehicle in Tesla’s Model 3 sedan? The sedan of Tesla’s Model S also produced the top-10 list of the publication, ranking third?

The Model 3 got 99 points for its experience of driving, 84 for comfort, and 67 for value, out of a possible 100 points. Ninety-two per cent of participants reported repurchasing Model 3. Now that we have these stats, what’s better than having a consumer review? We are now sure that Tesla never compromises on comfort.

20.        Driving Has Never Been Easier

Autopilot is a sophisticated system for driver help that improves security and comfort behind the wheel. Autopilot decreases your total burden as a driver when used correctly. Eight external monitors, a radar, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and a robust onboard computer get you an extra security coating to steer your voyage.

Autopilot is designed to be used with a driver who has his hands on the wheel and is willing to take over at any moment. Although Autopilot is intended to be more efficient as time passes, it is not an auto-driving device in its present state. There are five stages of operation, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration presently categorizes Autopilot as a Tier 2 automatic system as per SAE J3016.

21.        Cargo Space Is a Win-Win

In an interview, Elon musk revealed that Model 3 has 15 cubic feet of cargo room, while Model Y will have a cargo room of 65 cubic feet. No longer worrying about how your things are going to fit in the car if you’re shifting places or just going for fishing, Tesla has got you covered.

22.        Self-Adjusting Suspension

The adaptive suspension of Tesla is the ideal addition to its auto-driving network. In a new age for functional car suspension systems, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) operating system and latest developments to the Model S and Model X may begin. The secret is the capacity of the FSD to anticipate driving routes.

23.  Who Needs To Remember Roads Anymore?

It can be a drag to drive over harsh terrain and potholes. Tesla engineers sympathized with drivers and installed suspension capacities that were self-adjusted. This implies that when threatened with the grounds, the Model S remembers the highways that riders have crossed and will automatically raise the vehicle again. Now this is some next-level thing, isn’t it?

24.  Sharing Is Caring.

Tesla’s got an enormous number of patents that are the rights granted to the inventing company so no other company can use the design. But Tesla is very generous. It allows other companies to use their designs and concepts instead of keeping it a secret. The hope is that other automakers will expand electric vehicles’ reach and create their own leading to an expansion in the market. Isn’t Tesla just the nicest?

25.   Never Late

As crazy as it sounds, in 2009, the US government loaned $465 million to Tesla Motors. What is even more insane, though, is that Tesla paid this loan nine years sooner than planned. Now that is some level of statistics.

We are totally stunned by these awesome facts about Tesla, we are sure that you’re amazed too.  Let us know what was your favorite fact about Tesla out of these 25 facts.