Whether you are working with world class Taxi services such as Uber or Careem, working as a private home/office driver, have your own transportation business or doing a part time taxi job; maintaining below golden rules will help improve customer experience, increase sales, improve relationships, and enhance your personal and professional reputation. 

Driver Specific

  1. Maintain neat outlook all the times. Keep a hair brush and cream in the car.
  2. Put on Clean clothes preferably uniform instead of casual dressing. Tuck in your shirt properly.
  3. Put on proper shoes instead of casual washroom slipper etc. 
  4. Keep the seat belt fasten, keep the mobile away and follow traffic rules religiously while driving. 

Car Specific

  1. Keep the car interior clean and dust free. Keep the car free from shopping bags, toffee covers, biscuits wrappers in the car.
  2. There should be no visible denting painting work.
  3. Keep the Petrol tank full in a way that you don’t have to stop at petrol pump while customer is with you.
  4. Check Engine Oil, Cooling liquid, Tire pressure and Petrol level prior to leaving home.
  5. Air conditioning system should effectively be functional.

  Customer Specific

  1. Maintain clear communication about where to go. If customer wants to go to an office, ask him if the office will be open by the time you reach?
  2. Provide clarity on how much time will it take to reach the destination. Use navigation or be mindful about traffic in early morning or afternoons.
  3. Route finalization before you start. Some passengers prefer specific routes. Respect that.
  4. If time to reach at customer location was already agreed, reach 5-10 minutes prior to the committed time.
  5. Turn on Radio according to customer preference, not your own choice.
  6. If kids or old people traveling, offer water and be considerate about driving speed.
  7. Don’t over speed, if even passenger asks you so. Maintain rule of law because safety is important than speed.
  8. Don’t be over frank and don’t ask personal question.
  9. Ask for feedback at the end of trip
  10. Preferably do not start any conversation unless passenger initiates.
  11. Avoid sensitive and conflicting subjects about politics and religion.
  12. If you plan to stop the car for prayer or any other reason, seek approval from passenger in advance
  13. Offer Wifi tethering to your customers. The more they enjoy their time, the better is your chance of getting higher tip. However don’t do any good acts with the intention of tips. The purity of your work can easily be judged by the customer. Be genuine in your offerings.
  14. Keep some change with you. Many customers offer large currency note when paying the bill.  


Regardless of your work type or industry, the products or services you are offering should be customer-centric. In the age of business competence, only the best will survive. Work on your outlook, polices, communication, billing and everything from customer perspective. 

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Article Written by Junaid Tahir