By Junaid.Tahir
Moiz, my 4 years son, was gifted with a new toy car from his aunt. The toy car with its musical sounds and flashy lights was entertaining the little giant. His mother was equally enjoying watching the boy having fun.

But for me, something extra was more interesting and thought provoking. I noticed that when the kid places his hands in front of the toy, the car stops, reverses itself by 5-6 inches, change its direction by 30 degrees and then move forward. Upon hitting the wall, again it moves back by some inches, changes its direction and then moves forward. This automatic pattern continues until the car finds its way. I realized that if the car is left in this mode, it will find its way to go out of the room because the manufacturer has programmed this small toy in a way that it always finds its way out whenever challenged by an obstacle.

This observation triggered a wise thought about successful and unsuccessful people. The successful people are always adaptive to situations. For any challenge they face, they take a step back, asses it logically, consider alternate options and set their new direction to reach their goal. Regardless of temporary distractions, their power of focus helps them perform consistently until they succeed. They reprogram themselves according to all situations. They always look for new ways of doing things to manage uncertain situations. They treat each moment as the moment of courage, the moment of opportunity, the moment of action and the moment of progress! On the contrary, unsuccessful people permanently shut down themselves as soon as they meet a challenge.

Do you fall in Successful category of people?
And by the way, Moiz is an awesome kid:)